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Teikums Event Spaces

We create and service places for people like you—the changemakers, thought leaders, creators, and innovators. And when it comes to conferences, meetings, celebrations or any other events, we believe that the place where they are held matters. A lot.

That is why we try to understand how you organize your events and adjust our event spaces accordingly - to support you technically where it is necessary, comfortably serve delicious food and perfectly prepared networking zones for inspiring conversations. After all, it’s an upgrade you’ve earned.

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Our purpose-built, creative spaces have been designed to make your meetings and events flow seamlessly. With the right timing, fast and efficient service and close attention to the small details, Teikums is the right place for your event.

Creative designs, flawless and friendly service and ready-made solutions will allow you to concentrate on your guests and event rather than small technical questions.

…and most importantly

2 different feelings for your event


Stunning views from the 14th floor, multifunctional meeting rooms as well as a premium cocktail bar inspired by art-deco chic

modern meeting rooms / cocktail bar / fully equipped

Multipurpose event space that inspires & creates a rush of thoughts

multipurpose event / meeting rooms

Event spaces

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Event Space Sam

An incredibly versatile event room - transformable in four separate partitions, equipped with state-of-the-art projectors and screens, a built in audio system and infrastructure for various technical event solutions. Thanks to it's white leather-covered walls which can be used for high definition projections, event space "Sam" is suitable for almost any kind of event and mood for up to 500 persons.


Minox Event Space

Minox Event Space gives you a wide range of possibilities on organizing seminars, lectures, awards ceremonies or parties in an elegant atmosphere while enjoying a fantastic view from the 14th floor. Minox Event Space is a fully equipped event space with a high resolution projector and screen, a sound system, microphones and built-in front spotlights. These technical solution, in combination with the indoor plants and design elements, make Minox a great choice for virtual or hybrid events.


Minox Bar

Beautiful views over Riga, elegant design and high quality service makes Minox the place to be for your next conference afterparty, networking event, corporate party, banquet or even wedding reception!


Event Space Strelka

An event space for your most creative break-out and brainstorming sessions, as well as parties and other gatherings that features over 170 square meters and a beautiful view of Jaunā Teika.

Event Space Belka Event Space Belka

Event Space Belka

Over 100 square meters, plenty of daylight and a nice view over Jaunā Teika makes Belka a great option for events in a free and creative atmosphere.

Minox Board Room Minox Board Room

Minox Board Room

Modern meeting room for up to 14 people, where you can generate lots of fresh ideas while being surrounded by the stunning view of the Riga city.


Event Space Laika

A fully equipped venue with a high-definition projector and screen as well as a sound system and microphones for seminars and group meetings for up to 90 people that can also be used as a break-out room for larger events. Laika is equipped with glass walls that can be pulled aside to create an open feeling for your event.


Event Space Félicette

Fully equipped venue with a high-definition projector and screen as well as a sound system and microphones and two built-in side wide-screen TV's for seminars and group meetings for up to 90 people that can also be separated in three smaller conference rooms or used as a break-out room for larger events.


Event Space Sam + Lobby

Combine Event Space Sam and the lobby area and enjoy your event in an area that is bigger than 1000 square meters. By combining the two areas you give a chance to the guests who are spending time on the 2nd floor of Fantadroms to be immersed in the event fully.



Space with its own style and a modern feel to it. It is a space where to welcome your event guests, organize snack breaks, place photo and exibition stands, as weel as engage in conversations during event breaks. It is also possible to combine the Fantadroms lobby with the SAM event hall, gaining additional space, or choose the lobby as the main event venue and give the event a free and creative atmosphere. The space serves to your ideas and needs.